The Emotional Factors That Effect Sports Betting

Oh, to live in a world of machines. If we lived in a world of machines playing against other machines, then sports betting would really be a piece of cake. Yet we are betting on sporting events played by humans. This means that you really can’t just assume all conditions will be perfect. Since humans have so many different factors they carry around, it’s only natural that this would affect their actual playing abilities. Every team is going to have moments where they’re not going to be at their best.

The handicapper isn’t fazed by the fact that the game is played by humans. The handicapper, with a little bit of skill and knowledge, can spin this to their favor. It’s all about making sure that you look for signs that point to a team that can have above average performance, or signs that point to a team that will deliver a lackluster performance. Either way, there’s profit to be made.

Getting deep into handicapping can definitely raise the chances of making money from all of your wagers. This means that you can’t give in to emotion. Betting with your gut or betting on what other people think is popular is a sure way to end up losing your bankroll for the season. If you’ve given yourself a set limit every season, then it goes without saying that you really do need to make it work as much as possible.

What you have to start with when it comes to figuring out a team is their emotional state. If you’re going to handicap a game, you need to figure out what type of situation the team is in. There are essentially four situations that are agreed upon for teams across the board, regardless of sport: redemption, revenge, letdown, and look-ahead.

Sports Betting

The Redemption Situation

The redemption situation is when a team has really done poorly in the previous game. They come to the field fresh, looking to prove themselves worthy in the next game. This can be incredibly profitable, but you have to make sure that you work out whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

The Revenge Situation

This one is our favorite, as the revenge games are the ones where a team has lost against another *equal* team lost the last time the two teams met. In order for this to be profitable, the team has to looking for revenge for the loss, as well as have the power to beat the other team. If you’re looking at a weaker team that can’t fight back, then it’s really not a revenge situation worth betting on.

You want to tread carefully on this one, because revenge games attract a lot of media attention and thus speculation. This can eat into your profitability in terms of odds.

The Letdown Situation

The letdown situation is when a team is coming off a big game. If they are coming from a tough loss against a better opponent, then they aren’t in great spirits. They feel bummed. On the other hand, if they tackled a bigger opponent and won, then they’re elated and they might perform a little better than what you expected.

The Look-Ahead Situation

A look-ahead situation occurs when a team has a big contest the game after its upcoming game. So if you have two top teams going head to head after playing a weaker team, then you know that you might want to get into the action.

Looking at these factors will help you pick better teams and take advantage of situations that you might not have thought about previously. Good luck!

How to identify the best bonuses for yourself?

Sports betting is a tremendous cocktail of thrill and fun. Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite sports action, but also have the adrenaline pump that can only come from the world of betting and gambling. Imagine sipping away at a chilled beer, with your favorite soccer club playing its arch rival, and you clinging on to your seat to see whether your team would win you hundreds of dollars and the cup, or would both the priced rewards evade you!

Such fascination can only be dealt by sport betting. To top it all up, there are some breathtakingly amazing bonus offers floated by the leading online sports betting agencies. Not only do these bonuses make the idea of betting some cash on a sports event more rewarding, but also break the inhibitions of the first time bettors. This article attempts to help you understand bonuses better, so that you can reap the best benefits from the promotional strategies of sports betting companies.

Sports betting

Depend on a sports betting agency to shower a sign up bonus on you. In fact, sign up bonuses have become so common that you won’t find a sports betting website without one. Where they can differ is in terms of the method they choose for deciding the bonus amount. Whereas some of these websites offer a straight bonus of something like $50, there are some that offer a percentage of your first deposit as bonus amount, and these bonus percentages go as high as 100%. If you will stick to a betting portal, it makes sense to go for one with a percentage bonus, as that’ll let you enjoy great returns on your first deposits. However, you could go website hopping and enjoy the flat dollar amount bonuses offered by websites every time.

If the website you want to subscribe to offers a dollar amount of bonus, you can still opt for it if you plan to stick to it, as you can enjoy more inflows with the reload bonuses. Moreover, there are recommendation and referral bonuses; so, if you think you’ll have your friends ready to join your preferred betting website, you might as well look for one with the maximum referral bonus. In addition to the sign up, reload and referral bonuses, you also have promotional bonuses, which come pretty regularly, thus appealing to the segments of sports bettors who only bet when there’s a bonus going around.

One simple technique you can adopt to stay abreast of all the developments in the world of sports betting is to have yourself enrolled on the mailing lists of the major sports betting houses. For instance, you could consider subscribing to the newsletters of the top 5 sports betting agencies and see their alerts, which would invariably contain information about the best bonuses going around. Just conduct a quick online research about the betting companies that are known for generous bonuses, an example being Unibet, and add them to your hit list as far as your online bonus scavenging strategy is concerned.

Sports Betting Sites Provide You With the Perfect Platform for Entertainment…and Profits!

Who said that gambling can’t be profitable? While there’s no guarantee that you’re always going to win the bets that you place, the truth is that you can eventually work out a system that works for you. Even if you don’t win too terribly much, you have to admit one thing: betting on the big games definitely makes them a lot more fun to watch. When you have something invested into the outcome of a game, you actually feel like you’re part of the game. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you are thinking about the bigger picture in terms of making a little money on the side.

Of course, when it comes to the “50,000 foot view” of sports betting, it’s all about the sports betting sites that you choose. Every site has a different community, a different feel, and a different quality level. So this means that before you really start betting on the big games, you’re going to need to think about where you’re going to play.

If you have friends that are already connected in this gambling arena, then the choice is obvious — go where your friends go. Yet…is it really that obvious? Maybe your friends are getting a bad spread but they aren’t going to tell you that. Or maybe they have a little “skin” invested in terms of getting referrals. Either way, you might want to take your friends’ recommendations with a grain of salt. Of course, if they don’t bet at all, they might just tell you a site that has a lot of advertising dollars backing it. You can’t always go off of what other people think about a site, especially when they don’t play.

You want to check out great sports betting sites, but you also want to make sure that you’re looking at reviews as well. That’s the best way to really tie everything together. Do you really want to end up not getting what you need because you’re thinking about everything except what you’re supposed to be thinking about, causing you to lose money in the process? Definitely not.

It’s really all about going somewhere that leads to a great experience for you. Because at the end of the day, if you aren’t happy…what’s the point of everything else? Good luck!