Research points to consider when betting on football

If you are looking to earn a profit from betting on football it’s always important to do your research on a game beforehand. Doing research is vital and it gives you the advantage you need over the bookmakers to earn a profit. There are many points many people consider as vital to their research and if you are currently looking for different aspects to research have a look at some of the handy points we have outlined below:


  • Recent form – This would be the obvious one, if you research their recent form and it would suggest it was good, then they would be the obvious choice against their rivals.
  • Home or away form? – When checking their form, always make sure you check their form for home and away matches so you can get a feel for where they play better football. Surprisingly, some clubs play a lot better football away from home so just because they are playing at home doesn’t mean they have an advantage.
  • Team line ups – It’s important to research what possible team line ups may play a part in the game because there could be important players missing for one club which would give the other team an advantage. Checkout the clubs injury list and possible bans from too many yellow cards.
  • What competition are they playing? – It’s always important to find out what type of competition they are playing in for that specific match as many clubs don’t take cup games as serious when compared with the Premier League. Cup games give teams a chance to rest important players and to possibly play some of their youth players so the first team might not be the actual “first team” and thus giving the other team who is taking the cup more seriously a strong advantage.
  • Head to head comparison – You will find that a lot of football teams out there have a history with their opponents, so it’s always a good idea to have a look at their past results with one another. There are plenty of teams out there that always seem to have a bad result against that particular opponent.
  • Look for better odds – Looking for better odds on your chosen selection can be the difference in making profit long term and not making profit at all. Have a shop around for some of the best odds on that particular market and you won’t regret it, there is always a bookmaker out there offering much better odds for your chosen selections.
  • Where are they in the league? – If it’s a league game you’re betting on it’s always worth having a look at the league table and finding out how many games are left and what their current position is. You will find that if a team is much more superior over their opponent and are top of the league, they will always have the toughest tests against lower class teams fighting a relegation battle.
  • Would they be happy with a draw? – If it’s a league or cup game, many teams often go out playing for the draw because it would better them in the next game or would bolster their league position. Sometimes you will find games where both teams would be happy with the draw so it’s always important to have a look at what the benefits would be for each team.

There are loads of research points to consider when it comes to betting on football and depending on how much you are staking on a game would obviously mean a lot more research. Professional sports gamblers research everything from recent form and line ups to even more detailed research from what the condition of the playing pitch is to what the weather is going to be like on that day. The fact is, much more thorough research will provide you with a much better advantage over the bookmakers and thus helping you earn a profit.

Spotting Some Pointers To Make Logical Betting Decisions

Football is the most popular sport in the UK, with the roots of the modern game originating in the heart of England. It remains the most popular sport in the UK where thousands of players compete in amateur and professional leagues around the country.

Millions of fans get their kicks out of watching a football game, either live at a stadium, on TV, or by streaming a match online. But as much fun as it is for fans to take in the game, it becomes all the more exciting when followers can put a little money on the line.

Betting on football is almost as old as the sport itself, and football betting becomes even more exciting as seasons near their ends. Teams that perform strongly in their primary league can qualify to compete in higher tiered leagues. As fans, the potential for teams to reach the next level is exciting to watch – and becomes all the more intense with some skin in the game.

Betting on football

The Premier League is the most popular and successful football league in England, with a devoted following of millions of fans – including many outside the UK. And unsurprisingly, many followers are passionate sports bettors, who bet using the latest preview news about the Premier League.

A devoted follower of the Premier League can sense when to bet on certain clubs. For example, Chelsea is off to an incredible start this season whereas Manchester United is struggling to deliver on a promise to bounce back from a difficult season last year. Using this type of data, a savvy football bettor can comfortably predict the outcome of future matches, and make some money.

Sometimes fans may need to push their personal feelings about a team aside to make the most logical bet. Given the examples, fans may still cheer for Man U but may be less comfortable putting money behind love for the team.

Football is by far the world’s most popular game, and football betting is easily one of the favoured pastimes for fans. But if you plan to put money on the line, be smart, think it through, and only bet where you feel comfortable doing so.