Watching Golf

Watching golf games is a fun pastime shared by most households across the world. It has dramatically increased in popularity over the past decade, which is mainly due to how many celebrities play golf in their spare time. When taking a golf course, make sure to have your own golf tees – just one tip I picked over the years playing golf.

Golf is most popular over in the United States, where there are a lot more tournaments. American Golf stars like Tiger Woods have made the sport more appealing to the younger generation which may also have contributed to its rising popularity.

The television companies have fallen in love with golf and have started showing the pga tournaments on their channels. The sponsorship money they earn is insane as many businesses are now realising just how profitable it can be to advertise their products to golf enthusiasts.

To those who don’t watch golf regularly, the game can seem extremely slow-paced. Compared to sports like tennis or football, the action is slow (much like chess). There has to be precision and technique in every shot and golfers constantly change clubs to ensure they pot the ball in the hole.

I have been to a few golf tournaments myself but i prefer to watch online golf games instead as the weather has always been poor when I’ve gone to watch the sport live. Some of the best tournaments have taken place in Scotland and as beautiful as the country is, it has never been a country known for having the best weather. At least you can’t get wet sitting at your computer in your house.

Widescreen Sports

If you’ve never taken time out your day to watch live cricket, you may be surprised at just how exciting the sport is. If you don’t have a satellite or cable subscription, it’s extremely easy to watch cricket online. A lot of matches are shown regularly on free-to-air channels which are broadcast over the internet, and some bookmakers websites also show the live action as well.

People who enjoy watching other sports like tennis, baseball, or even softball are the ones most likely to enjoy cricket live streaming. The sport does seem very slow paced to begin with, but in the later rounds the match can become as intense as a basketball game.

One thing I will say is that cricket is one of the rare sports that requires a widescreen television to be able to view all the action. The pitch is quite expansive and when a ball is thrown to the batter, it can sometimes fly for miles before the opposing team has a chance to gain control of it. With a widescreen television, you never have to miss any of the action.

I bought a widescreen monitor when I started watching cricket, and now find that having a widescreen monitor works best for many sports. Watching golf is now more involving as I can see the entire course, and sometimes certain channels allow you to switch camera angles too. So if you ever think about watching live cricket or any sports which utilise an incredibly large pitch, make sure and invest in a widescreen television or monitor!

John Terry Retires from International Football – Good or Bad for England?

Late on Sunday, it was brought to everyone’s attention that Chelsea player John Terry had announced his retirement from international football. Terry faces a FA disciplinary hearing this week, to do with the incident with fellow international Anton Ferdinand, which happened last season. John Terry had played for England on 79 occasions, and was captain for a period of time too.

He was always a proud and passionate player for England, and is upset to call his time up on international duty.

England manager Roy Hodgson is said to be disappointed with John Terry, but also understands his decision too. John Terry has played more games for England than another centre back in recent tournaments and qualifying stages, and arguably was always first choice for his national team, as well as Chelsea, where he is the club captain. John Terry had fantastic Euros, in Poland and Ukraine, and was one of the few players for England who was terrific in all of the games. John Terry, who is 31, has been a controversial figure in football.

He has fallen out with both Ferdinand brothers, Anton and Rio, as he was accused of racially abusing the former when Chelsea played QPR last season. A few years back, Wayne Bridge refused to play for England, after John Terry had an affair with his wife. John Terry has also been sent off for a number of times in the Premier League and Champions League. Terry receives a lot of stick from most fans when playing in the Premier League, but when he turned up for England, always received positive feedback from fans, and cemented his spot in the team.

Is this good or bad for England though? England have many centre backs to choose from, and this could even bring a case to bring Rio Ferdinand back in to the national team set up. Rio, 34, still plays at the highest level for Manchester United, but was over looked by Roy Hodgson, but many believe he wasn’t picked because Roy preferred to play John Terry instead. Other centre backs for England include title winning Joleon Lescott, young defenders Cahill, Smalling and Jones and Jagielka has been in impressive form for Everton too. There is a lot to choose from, and some centre backs are young, so Hodgson has a lot to choose from, and can build up a team for the future. John Terry was a great performer in the Euros, and there is no doubt about his ability and commitment to the team.

The England team may miss his presence but it’s a problem Roy Hodgson has to endure.  John Terry had plenty of commitment and courage, but his controversy surrounding his personal life and football career was the main reason for him to call time on his international career prematurely. The retirement has been given mixed feelings from the fans, as John had had as many haters as he did admirers.

La Liga Betting Tips – 29th + 30th September

The La Liga has another exciting weekend with some fantastic fixtures.

Barcelona will want to keep their 100% record continuing but face a hard task at Sevilla. Real Madrid are back to winning ways, whilst Atletico Madrid, who have gone from strength to strength this season, look to continue their impressive and unbeaten start to the season. Here are some of my betting tips for this week’s La Liga action!

Sevilla v Barcelona 9:00pm – Saturday

Sevilla have picked up 11 points from a possible 15, and remain unbeaten. Their proudest moment of the season so far was beating Real Madrid at home, and would like to upset current pace setters Barcelona this weekend. Sevilla have won both home games so far, but face Barcelona who have won all league games so far this season. Barcelona have had some tough games, but this will be their toughest test so far. Barcelona have scored 14, and only conceded 3 in their first five games, but another win here would clearly show a statement of intent. Sevilla are 5/1 to win this match, with Barcelona at 4/9, clear favourites.

These odds were similar to those a few weeks ago when Sevilla beat Real Madrid, so it’s possible again. It’s always risky to bet against Barcelona, but I fancy Sevilla to cause an upset here, and get a draw against the Catalan club, and the odds of that are at 10/3. Messi, as usual, top favourite to score, at 9/4, but I’d tip Sevilla forward Alvaro Negredo at 7/1.

My Prediction; Sevilla 2-2 Barcelona – 16/1

Real Madrid v Deportivo – 6:50pm – Sunday

Jose Mourinho had criticised his team after losing to Sevilla a few weeks ago, and claimed his side have lost their fight and ambition. Real Madrid have lost two games this season, and dropping home points too, leaving them 8 points behind Barcelona already. They have won their last two matches, and the spark seems to be back. No one is expecting any upsets here, as Real Madrid are 1/9 to win.  Deportivo, who have had a fairly solid start to the season, unbeaten on their travels, are 16/1 to come away with a victory, or 7/1 to earn even a draw. I’d go for a convincing home win. First goal scorer? Take your pick, but to win better money, you have to be more risky, so I’ll go for Xabi Alonso at 18/1.

Real Madrid 4-0 Deportivo – 15/2

Espanyol v Atletico Madrid – 8:30pm – Sunday

Atletico Madrid were brilliant towards the end of last season. They won the Europa League in style, but couldn’t manage to get in the top four places to have Champions League football. Their aim is to do that this year, but perhaps could even challenge for the title. They have one of the best strikers in the world, in Falcao, and a vast amount of creative midfielders. Espanyol have had a poor start to the season, sitting in 18th position, as Atletico are favourites for this one at EVENS. Atletico to be winning at half time and full time is at 11/5, so I’d tip that. Falcao to score first (if he is not injured) is at 3/1. I’d go for Arda Turan at 7/1 instead.

Espanyol 1-3 Atletico Madrid – 14/1

Betting on Football Matches

There is a lot of fun to be had by betting on football matches. If you have ever done it, then you will understand why it is fun. It is quite hard to explain but there is something about betting on the result of the match that can make it a lot more fun to watch. You feel more involved somehow and that can really help you to enjoy it more.

Some people just do not like placing bets and that is fair enough. But there are others who feel that it is a lot of fun to have a bet. Some can obviously afford to bet more money than others. It is always worth thinking about budget when betting as you do not want to lose money that you need for other things. It can be good to try to get some good deals on the bets so that you get better value for money.

Betting on Footbal
There are quite a few ways that you can do this. You can look for sites that offer free bets, look for ones that have good bonus as well as loyalty points. has details on Skybet loyalty rewards for example and there are lots of other places that you can look to get some deals. It is worth looking for these, even if you are not short of money as you may as well take advantage of them if you can.

It may feel that there is nothing like winning a bet, but winning a bet that you did not have to pay for, feels even better! It is worth checking out the terms and conditions for the free bets though as they can have some restrictions. This may be that you need to spend a certain amount to get a free bet or bet the free money a certain amount of times before drawing out any winnings.

However it works, there will always be something that you have to do in order to take advantage of the free bet, bonus or loyalty points but it can be worth it if you gain something good out of it. Just make sure that you do not get encouraged to spend more money than you really want to or can afford just to get it. You can still have fun without them and it is much safer if you stay well within your budget and do what you can afford.