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Dear Live Sports Fan,

We can bet a million bucks you never knew that it was possible to watch live sports streaming on your PC in the time it takes for you to read this notice? The internet is always full of surprises and if you look hard enough, you can always find something you can’t imagine living without.

Watching live sports on your tv can be expensive with satellite channels charging up to £20 for ONE match. Why pay them? Especially when you can watch almost any live sports event on your computer for FREE. You don’t need any extra equipment or to subscribe to any overpriced channels. You can do this by watching internet streams which are found all over the web. All you need are some free-to-download software programs, and the locations of the streams and you’re ready to go!


Well it would take a long time to find these streams on your own if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to tune into them. In our guide, we tell you all the programs available to tune into live sports and how to configure your computer to work with them. This will save you hours of time, and hundreds of pounds in cash!

More On Live Sports

Watching live sports is a major pastime shared by almost everyone in the world. No matter what country you’re from it can easily be said that most people who live in your area enjoy at least one or more sports.

In the united kingdom it is mainly soccer that has the most popularity as well as cricket, whereas in the united states, baseball is the most popular sport with ice hockey and basketball also having a massive fanbase.

There is a lot of money to be made by companies in live sports. Most companies make a lot of money by sponsoring individual players or teams. They will pay players to wear shirts that advertise their brands, or pay to have their logo printed on the side of a teams car in racing events.

Television companies also make a lot of money by charging everyday people high prices to be able to view their special premium stations that have the rights to show certain games or tournaments. Many people even watch live sports on the internet as this is a cheaper way to keep up to date with their favourite team’s progress.

It’s extremely easy to set up your computer to be able to watch live sports instantly. You don’t even need a particularly fast PC or fast internet connection.

Most people watch live sports on their mobile phones these days as they don’t even own a computer. Technology has changed so much over the years, it’s quite fascinating how easy it is to watch the sport you want wherever you are.

Watch FA Cup Online

Dear FA Cup Fan,

One of the most popular knockout cup competition in English Football is the FA Cup.  The FA Cup was first held in 1871-72 which makes it the  oldest association football competition in the world.


FA CUP is open to clubs of all standards, from Premier League to amateur village teams.

The beauty of the FA CUP is that even the lower division teams can sometimes beat “Giants”.

By defeating Liverpool 2-1 in the 2012 final, Chealsea are the current holders of the FA CUP.

Funniest First Time Casino Stories

We all remember the first time we entered the casino; the nervousness, the excitement, the sense of possibility winning an online casino bonus, the sense of being foolish for thinking to hit it big on the very first time. Aaaaah, precious memories those were! Therefore, to cherish and reignite those pleasant funny memories, this article presents to you funniest first time casino stories that have been witnessed by our viewers.

Casino Stories

  • An Amish grandmother went to the casino for the very first time on her 75th birthday with her husband, her granddaughters and celebrated each win on video poker, be it of a cent, with the cutest version of whoopa dance, whilst her granddaughters jumped up and down around her, even the 80 year old husband had difficulty controlling his glee and did his own version of heel tap. The happy family and their jubilance drew quiet a crowd around them cheering them on.
  • A visitor who was visiting the luxurious and extravagant casinos of Los Angeles the very first time exclaimed “Ok! I love the hotels but where are the casinos???”
  • A guy was playing slot machines for the first time and said that his father taught him that with every bonus, you had to dance. The better the dance, the bigger will be the bonus and the amount won. He won over $150 by dancing enthusiastically to the bonuses’ music for hours.
  • A young woman was playing on the penny slot machine and before every spin she hit buttons and made the machine make weird sounds.She explained to the onlookers that machines listened to the sounds and then gave you bonus (as taught to her by her enthusiast gambler mother). When a neighbor won a bonus, she explained to him impatiently that it was because of the right sounds that the machine made that it gave him the bonus and that his machine was making all the right sounds so they should switch. She had also ‘practiced’ the sounds before coming to the casino.

So, what are some of the funniest first time casino stories that you’ve come across?

Blues clash represents big chance for Spurs

Tottenham will have an opportunity to display their title credentials when they host London rivals Chelsea on September 28.

The men from White Hart Lane failed their first serious examination of 2013-14 at neighbours Arsenal. Another defeat to one of the big boys would seriously damage self-belief in the Spurs camp.


While Tottenham are not one of the leading contenders for the Premier League crown (BetVictor has them at 20/1), they enjoyed an excellent summer in the transfer window and have the ability to stay with the big four. However, a Champions League place is a more realistic goal.

The same cannot be said of Chelsea. They are 9/4 second favourites for the title with BetVictor and it is not difficult to see why (odds subject to change).

Jose Mourinho inherited a strong squad and has strengthened it further with the signings of Andre Schurrle, Willian and Samuel Eto’o, with Kevin De Bruyne also enjoying his first proper season at the club. The Blues are arguably the team to beat this term.

Chelsea have already picked up a point at Old Trafford and travel to Everton on Saturday before a trip to north London at the end of the month. They will feel pretty satisfied if they come through those fixtures unscathed.

The game against Spurs should be an exciting one for the neutral football fan. Both sides have attacking talent in abundance and will create plenty of chances. It will come down to which defence copes best.

The corresponding fixture last season finished 4-2 to Chelsea, with Juan Mata the star of the show with a brace. The Spaniard has been surprisingly out of favour early on but will surely have a major role to play as the campaign goes on.

It is a tough match to call but home advantage gives Spurs the edge. The likes of Roberto Soldado, Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen have a great chance to show the fans and the rest of the Premier League what they are all about at the start of an exciting season for new-look Spurs.

Looking at a Team’s Form Is Incredibly Important When It Comes to Being Profitable

Look, if it’s not about profit…then what’s it about? There’s something thrilling about making good bets. If you’re a newbie, you might not have received this type of information when it comes time to make good bets. That’s okay. Not everyone gets as deep on this type of information as we do. That’s not to say that it’s not out there, but we’re a little too passionate about football betting to tell you otherwise. You might as well make sure that you get as much information as possible about the big games ahead of you.

The biggest concept that you can learn right now is about form. Form is all of the factors that go into a team’s performance. Get it?

Yet it gets a little deeper than that. You see, in football most teams have a “home form” as well as an “away form”. Some teams even have a League winning form at home and a relegation form away. There are teams that are really their strongest at home but very weak away. These can still be great value bets, but you’re going to have to be cautious.

Here’s a few more things you need to know about assessing form.

Before you place a football bet, you want to compare the home form against away form for an away team. Not only this, but you also want to rate the teams that they have each beaten as well as how easily they’ve won. An easy win doesn’t mean much if the other team is weak. It’s the easy wins against really strong teams that should be catching your attention.

Team's Form

Checking the team news is incredibly important. You want to assess the possible effects of players missing, or ones returning after an injury. What about the manager’s style — will this affect the match in any way?

What about the style of play? This matters as well. You also want to look at goals scored as well as goals conceded for each and every team that you have your eye on.

The players, managers, breaks, and more all can affect form. Looking at past game history is what the big punters do — they don’t leave much to chance at all. The information you get can also help you refine the type of bet that you’re interested in. Read More