The Modern Day Strategy to Wagering on NCAA Football

Back in the mid-1990s, the easiest way to wager on NCAA football was placing parlay bets on the top 3 teams in the nation. I believe back then, Nebraska, Florida, and Notre Dame were typically in the top 5. Even though very few gamblers utilized this strategy, those who did were very successful. In 2015 and beyond, I would never consider this approach.

The main reason is because the powerhouse teams in the nineties were stacked with talent. They provided potential prospects the opportunity to play for an elite team, which more visible, and enhanced a college player’s chances of going pro. The recruiting was more “in-house” or within the state, so kids were being groomed from the Pee-Wee Leagues.

betting NCAA football

Over time, smaller Division I colleges were able to steal a player here and there, and these teams were getting better. If we saw small schools have a major upset it was a huge ordeal. Today, it’s still exciting when the smaller teams win, but because of their status in the NCAA. The truth is teams like Boise State and TCU are becoming more consistent. Plus, they are able to compete with the bigger schools.

Wagering in the 21st Century

Instead of sticking with the constant power teams, the best strategy today is to find the best defenses. The old adage “Defense Wins Championships” is more like “Defense Helps You Win Money” in the betting world. One of the most successful game plans I have taken over the last 5 years is playing parlays with the top 3 defense against the 3 worst offenses (for that particular week in the season). However, it’s important to understand that I do not wager like this until at least week 5 of the season. By this time you have a good indication how real the stats are at the time.

For instance, the top 3 defenses in 2014 belonged to Clemson, Penn State, and Stanford (total defense). All three teams held their opponents to under 300 yards per game on average. Most importantly, teams like Clemson hit their stride in the middle of the season. I believe they had a six-game winning streak, and during that time their opponents averaged only 9 points per game. If you paired them with the best defenses against the worst offense during that winning streak, you won money. Read More

Live Rugby Stream

Dear Live Rugby Fan,

We know just how annoying it is when you want to watch your favourite live rugby premiership match, only to find the terrestrial television channels aren’t showing it. Regularly, many channels elect to pay for the rights for a football match instead of Rugby as there is more of a demand for it.

Most people still don’t seem to know just how simple and convenient it is to watch rugby online from your computer. It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can view almost any live rugby game imagineable. All you need is a computer (obviously), an internet connection, and some easy-to-install software to view all the live rugby streaming matches!


The live rugby streams can be found on a dozen or so individual sites across the net. You can also download and install a number of programs that will find the games for you automatically.

Usually there are 2 or more stations showing the same match so you won’t miss out if the channel or stream you are watching breaks down at any point.


Rugby is one of those sports that is most popular in the United Kingdom. Along with soccer, cricket and softball, the British seem to love to watch rugby games. The Americans have the NFL or ‘American Football’ which is very similar except the players wear armour, making rugby look like an incredibly aggressive sport.

The story of how Rugby began seems a little far-fetched but does seem to be passed on to every rugby player at one point or another. Rugby players say the original form of the game came about in 1823, when 16 year old William Ellis (who suddenly decided to disregard the rules) ran across the field carrying the ball instead of dribbling with it. The move, classed as a handball in regular soccer, was seen as a genius of an idea for a new game and so the first game began.

The game used to be played more often in public schools and specialist clubs but recently seems to have found its way into the homes of most people. The problem is, with the popularity of the game also comes the cost. It now costs just as much to watch as premiership football. Pay per view channels seem to have the rights to most rugby games now but obviously there is still live rugby streaming online which is completely free.

The streams are free as they are broadcast by free-to-air channels abroad that have the rights to broadcast the games in their own country. There’s nothing illegal about viewing these streams and as long as you know where they are, you can watch rugby games online in minutes!