Football Betting Tips

Betting on sports is probably one of the most exciting bets you can make. In football, it is even better. Here are a few football betting tips to help get you started on the right track of betting.

Most tipsters can be seen where the event is happening or it can also be online. The first thing that you should be looking for is the credibility of your tipster or the betting system. The things that you should look for in a betting system would include their track record and amount of experience. The system should show that in their previous predictions, they are able to make accurate predictions.

You and your betting tipster should be able to consider the variables that can affect the outcome of a game. This is necessary to make sure that you gain profits and continue to grow based on accurate forecasts.

The ball hist the back of the net after

Do not readily believe in tipsters who are saying that they can help you grow millions, because that will be very difficult and only happens to very few lucky individuals.

And to further increase your chances, you can join memberships, especially of online websites which offer these services. If you are a member, or better off, a premium member, you can be provided with a lot more tips than what comes out to as information for the public. You should consider choosing a tipster which can give you these special insights. Another advantage if you can receive football betting tips even if you are on the go. Some offer distribution of tips through emails, or better yet, through SMS or text messaging. Read More

Live Football Online

Dear Live Soccer TV Fan,

The sheer number of live soccer fans across the world who cannot even watch their favourite teams play is quite ridiculous. The sport is only really popular in Europe, though those in Canada and the USA still have a large number of fans.

If you live within the EU, it will cost you a small fortune to watch soccer live, and if you don’t, it’s extremely difficult to find a television channel that broadcasts the games.

You will more than likely be surprised to discover that all the live streaming soccer matches you could ever want and more are broadcast completely free across the internet on free-to-air international channels.

To be able to watch these streams, you only need a basic internet connection and a couple of software programs that will tune you into any live soccer online available. Along with these programs, you also need to know where the live streams are coming from…..


Very well hidden as it happens. There are hundreds of forums and newsletters that detail where to find them but even these are hard to find…


Are you a die-hard soccer fan? Do you enjoy just plain old TV? What would you be doing on a Saturday morning? Watching TV perhaps? Sure, you can just lay there, bored out of your mind, and start flipping through the channels until you realize that your favorite shows aren’t even playing at this hour. It might of even occurred to you that you want to watch soccer online (especially live soccer streaming) on something other than a television screen at one point.

So, is there nothing else to do but sit there, twiddling your thumbs as you watch shows you don’t even want to? Well, there’s an answer to that, a simple one- why not watch soccer live and other shows on your computer screen? As you sit here reading this, you may be wondering how this can be true. This excellent service only requires you to have a computer, and a stable connection to the Internet. Dial-up is not recommended, but will still work.

This method is going to be far cheaper than any monthly television subscription cost. People nowadays are finding that their cable TV is getting way to expensive. With the economy on a downturn, prices are going up, but even before that, prices were still increasing. To watch soccer live can cost a great deal of money. Some prices were so absurd for certain channels that people completely canceled their services as it seemed more apt to actually GO to live soccer streaming.

Not only that, televisions were getting expensive, which also brought more costly problems in the fold. For instance, once you purchase a television, you probably need someone to install the cable service for you, which usually costs a fair bit of money, and the remote control requires batteries every few months or so, adding onto the monthly bill. All in all, not exactly cheap for most people. Now, your computer may be slightly out of date, or even ancient, but chances are it’s good enough to run extremely simple software that will allow you to watch live shows, and even radio.

Once you purchase a membership, you can watch soccer live and other shows anytime you want. What if you don’t have a computer though? Luckily, there are several options available for you. If you have several good friends, and most likely some of them watch soccer live, ask them if they want access to watching a lot of excellent live shows. A good friend may split the cost of purchasing a membership to watch shows on line, and it may even strengthen your relationship with each other, although that’s not guaranteed to happen.

Heck, you can even ask your neighbor or the person across the street, after all, not only will you save them a lot of money, they’ll gain access to a huge amount of fantastic live shows. So what if you aren’t popular enough to have any friends that can let you use their computers to watch shows? That’s fine, you can visit a public place, such as a library or an Internet café, and ask to speak to the owner. Tell them about this great plan, and talk about purchasing membership for the entire network of computers.

Why is this a good idea? You can argue that the ability to watch live shows on their computers will bring in more people as it spreads through on line chat and word of mouth. When people hear about the option to watch soccer live and other shows, that they’d normally watch on television, they’d be intrigued about this idea and most likely try it. Most people will be pleased with the idea, and for businesses, this means that they’ll bring in more customers, and more revenue, which will far exceed the cost of this superbly cheap monthly cost. If you mange to convince the owner, then you’ll have access for free, or the cost of using a computer. Isn’t that just swell?

Lastly, if all of those public locations refuse this great offer of watching television through the computer, then your stuck with the notion of purchasing one to watch soccer live, and other shows as well. Now, the main problem is the cost of this.

You can look around for a good deal on previously owned computers, but this can be a sketchy area- they may be simply scammers looking for a fool to take on their offer. Also, you’d require an Internet connection from a local service provider. There are many more guides and strategies to purchasing a cheap, decent computer all over the Internet, and won’t be mentioned much here.

However, once you own a computer, you own a device that will allow you to do many more things beside watch soccer live, such as browse the Internet, and play video games. So, with access to the Internet, a computer hopefully, you can start looking forward to enjoying watching television and live soccer streaming on your computer screen once you purchase a membership.

You’ll enjoy shows of all kinds, such as sports including soccer, football, hockey, and almost anything else you can think of, from cooking shows to comedy channels. Have fun!

Were bookmakers right to pay out on Chelsea?

We’re just 12 games into Chelsea’s Premier League campaign and already we’re seeing some very bold predictions from players, managers and even bookmakers.

Holding onto their top position in the table with pride, Chelsea have managed to astound us all this season by not losing a single game.

The team have impressed spectators, their manager Jose Mourinho and their ever-growing hordes of adoring fans, but there was one contingent who were so impressed with their performance that they’ve done the unthinkable.

Chelsea drogba

Paddy Power bookmakers have stunned bettors by paying out on any bets that Chelsea would be crowned this season’s Premier League winners – six months ahead of the final match. It’s not something that’s done often, and has even backfired in years gone by (with both Manchester United and Arsenal being notable cases) and yet, the bookmakers were keen to pull what can only be assumed is a huge publicity stunt.

Indeed, it could be a repeat of Arsenal and Manchester United once again – if Chelsea manage to echo the ‘annual Arsenal meltdown’ and fall at the last hurdle, could Paddy Power see themselves paying out again to those who bet on an alternative team?

Certainly, the statistics so far don’t seem to think so. Jose Mourinho’s Blues have acquired 32 points so far – that’s seven points ahead of those closest rival, Southampton – and they’ve also managed to win 10 of their 12 games played.

Doubtless much of this has been down to the unstoppable force that is Diego Costa, who has scored 11 times this season. As the top scorer in the Premier League, his absence was more than just a little noticeable during the Capital One Cup game against Shrewsbury – the team managed to win 2-1, but only thanks to an own goal. There’s no denying that Diego Costa is Chelsea this season.

While the Blues have been compared to Arsenal during their 2004 season, Mourinho has warned that it was complacent of bookmakers to pay out so soon. When asked if the bookmakers’ decision was a premature one, Mourinho said: “I don’t go for that. There’ll be no complacency; that’s for sure. If we lose matches, and I believe we will, it will not be because of complacency.”

Some wise words from Mourinho – could it be that bookmakers are wise to put all their eggs in one basket? Only time will tell.

3 reasons why Manchester City are struggling

Winning the Premier League and Capital One Cup was a big step in the right direction for Manchester City in their pursuit of becoming a dominant force in English football, but their start to the 2014/2015 season has been anything but commanding. The 2-2 draw at struggling Queens Park Rangers not only should be considered as two points dropped for Manuel Pellegrini’s side, but their performance provided another shining example of the considerable struggles they are enduring on the pitch. Being knocked out of the Capital One Cup against a much weakened Newcastle side and in severe danger of finishing bottom of their Champions League group has piled even more pressure on Pellegrini’s shoulders to turn Manchester City’s season around. They already find themselves eight points behind leaders Chelsea after eleven games and closer to the likes of Stoke who may come out on top in the battle of the Midlands clubs, but there are fundamental reasons why Manchester City continue to struggle.

Too dependent on Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

Having a world class striker amongst your ranks is one of the most important components required for any club who have strong ambitions of winning domestic and European titles. Only a few managers in world football find themselves with the luxury of having more than one to call upon to provide a rich source of goals on a regular basis, but Pellegrini should consider himself fortunate that Sergio Aguero is in superb form. His brace against Queens Park Rangers made Aguero the leading Premier League marksman with 12 goals in just 11 games, but it papers over the considerable cracks that have formed throughout the rest of the team. Manchester City have become overly dependent on Aguero to score goals, with the likes of David Silva, Frank Lampard and Edin Dzeko well behind on 2 Premier League goals apiece. The Argentine star may be capable of winning games on his own, but without support from his team-mates in the goals department, Manchester City will continue to struggle.

Defensive vulnerability


Manchester City’s defensive strength came to the fore as they powered their way towards the Premier League title last season, but all appears to have changed since May. Aside from the arrival of Eliaquim Mangala and Bacary Sagna, it is the same defensive unit as last season with the likes of Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta establishing themselves amongst the best in Europe. However, Manchester City have gone from being extremely difficult to break down to being vulnerable to any sort of pressure, with naïve defending and individual errors demonstrating a considerable lack of confidence. Mangala may be highly-rated, but the 23-year-old has looked all over the place and appears to be feeling the pressure already, while even Kompany and Martin Demichelis have performed well below their best. Joe Hart has cut a forlorn figure all too often this season, with his defenders providing no protection through crucial losses in concentration that are simply not acceptable for a team of Manchester City’s calibre.

Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Although the powerful Ivorian has been through publicised personal problems away from football during the summer, Yaya Toure looks a complete shadow of the player who was simply unstoppable last season. 20 Premier League goals from midfield illustrates just how good Yaya Toure was for Manchester City, with his considerable power and drive adding a wonderful dimension in midfield, both defensively and in attack. A repeat of last season’s goal-scoring exploits may be asking too much, but numerous lethargic performances have raised questions over whether Toure is in decline. The infamous birthday saga may have soured the relationship between Toure and Manchester City, but many fans and pundits remain at a loss as to why the Ivorian has suddenly lost the ability to pass, shoot and drive forward like he used to. Without Yaya Toure at their best, and Fernando and Fernandinho consistently making the same errors of giving the ball away and losing possession way too easily, Manchester City continue to be dominated in midfield in every game they play.

Spotting Some Pointers To Make Logical Betting Decisions

Football is the most popular sport in the UK, with the roots of the modern game originating in the heart of England. It remains the most popular sport in the UK where thousands of players compete in amateur and professional leagues around the country.

Millions of fans get their kicks out of watching a football game, either live at a stadium, on TV, or by streaming a match online. But as much fun as it is for fans to take in the game, it becomes all the more exciting when followers can put a little money on the line.

Betting on football is almost as old as the sport itself, and football betting becomes even more exciting as seasons near their ends. Teams that perform strongly in their primary league can qualify to compete in higher tiered leagues. As fans, the potential for teams to reach the next level is exciting to watch – and becomes all the more intense with some skin in the game.

Betting on football

The Premier League is the most popular and successful football league in England, with a devoted following of millions of fans – including many outside the UK. And unsurprisingly, many followers are passionate sports bettors, who bet using the latest preview news about the Premier League.

A devoted follower of the Premier League can sense when to bet on certain clubs. For example, Chelsea is off to an incredible start this season whereas Manchester United is struggling to deliver on a promise to bounce back from a difficult season last year. Using this type of data, a savvy football bettor can comfortably predict the outcome of future matches, and make some money.

Sometimes fans may need to push their personal feelings about a team aside to make the most logical bet. Given the examples, fans may still cheer for Man U but may be less comfortable putting money behind love for the team.

Football is by far the world’s most popular game, and football betting is easily one of the favoured pastimes for fans. But if you plan to put money on the line, be smart, think it through, and only bet where you feel comfortable doing so.