Dear footy Fan,

Is it not frustrating when your favourite team is playing and the game isn’t being broadcast on any of your television channels? Either that or it’s being broadcast on a channel that charges ridiculous subscription fees? Have you ever thought about trying to watch it online?

The truth is that hundreds of live premiership football matches are streamed live across the internet every week and you can tune into these streams in minutes and save yourself hundreds of pounds a year?. You don’t require a new PC or super fast broadband either!


To view games on your PC you’re going to need some simple software that can tune your computer into the live matches. This software can tune your computer into foreign free-to-air channels which you are unable to receive through any other means.

Each software programme takes a couple of minutes to install and you can do it with no technical knowledge. You will be able to flick through well over 3500 channels to find the live footy match you want and kiss goodbye to your satellite dish!


The software programs listed in our GUIDE are meerly peer-to-peer programs used for finding streams broadcast over the internet. The channels found in the individual programs are all LEGAL free-to-air channels broadcasted freely across the internet.


No! The channels the software contains also regularly show live boxing, tennis, cricket, baseball, hockey, F1 (almost every live sport you can think of). There’s also movie channels, cartoon channels, news channels, radio stations. If you want it, this software has it!

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